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  • A pathway into history 

    Han, Liyang (2021)
    RESEARCH QUESTION How can architectural space and form serve to narrate a significant piece of history? ABSTRACT After 40 years of rapid economic development in China, the rate of economic growth has begun to slow ...
  • The Jesus of K Road: Theological reflections on Māori and homelessness 

    Rangiwai, Byron (Auckland University of Technology, 2021-11-26)
    This paper reflects on my observations of, and casual discussions with, Māori experiencing homelessness, specifically, during the current lockdown in Auckland which began on 17 August 2021. It is important for those who ...
  • Financial self-efficacy scale for people living in Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ FSES) 

    Nguyen, Hoa; Shafi, H.M. (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-16)
    As indicated by the increased amount of literature that examines the role of financial self-efficacy in current or future financial behaviours, it is important to have a valid and reliable tool to measure financial ...
  • Newmarket Arts Trust: A brief history (2004–2021) 

    Haigh, David (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-16)
    BACKGROUND The Newmarket Arts Trust (NAT) was formed in 2004. The original trustees were a mixture of people involved in the art world –– myself –– Sue Haigh (no relation to the author, local resident and active member ...
  • Impacts of poverty 

    Haigh, David (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-16)
    In Aotearoa New Zealand there is a strong link between poverty and certain impacts such as physical health problems, psychological wellbeing, housing, education, food insecurity and social status. These impacts are closely ...

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