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    • Pacific diaspora media pilot project 

      Papoutsaki, Evangelia (2009)
    • Pacific islands diaspora media: Sustaining island identities away from home 

      Papoutsaki, Evangelia; Strickland, Naomi (2008-01-01)
      This paper is based on a pilot project that has a first objective to identify Pacific Islands Diaspora media in New Zealand and define the role they play in Pacific Island communities in regards to addressing their ...
    • The Pacific mission press 

      Cass, Philip (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 1997)
      The missions were the first to bring printing presses to the region and usually the first to establish a newspaper in the various islands. Despite their limited circulations, church newspapers are still important because ...
    • Pacific peoples and tertiary education: issues of participation 

      Benseman, John; Anae, Melani; Anderson, Helen; Coxon, Eve (Wellington: Ministry of Education., 2002)
      The purpose of this research study was, therefore, to gather qualitative information on the actual and perceived barriers to participation in tertiary education and training for Pacific peoples. The study had a particular ...
    • Painting below zero-the Antarctic challenge 

      Kestle, Linda; Gooch, Colin (Australian Universities Building Educators Association (AUBEA), 2013)
      The task set was to scrape down, prepare and repaint (3coat system) a selection of exterior timber windows at Scott Base, to very strict environmental protection rules/requirements. ‘Zero Harm’ was the catchphrase. No ...
    • Painting the desert pink : where place making, social cohesion and wellbeing collide 

      McGregor, Kristy (Unitec ePress, 2015-11-27)
      In remote communities of western Queensland, where gatherings are rare and take the form of gymkhanas and campdrafts, women hardly take time out to invest in themselves. During droughts, the pressures are so great that ...
    • The Panmure Project : a programme for integrated co-working space within social housing 

      Vijayakumar, Yadharsh Yathin (2018)
      RESEARCH QUESTIONS: How to design a social housing development with individuality, uniqueness and a strong sense of community? How can mixed-use development help social housing? How can architecture bring changes in the ...
    • Panoptic reality : a review of Citizenfour 

      Tunnicliffe, Craig (Unitec ePress, 2015-05-01)
      Movies, and perhaps more importantly documentary movies, need to be separated into good documentaries and important documentaries. Citizenfour would then fall squarely in this second category, and require viewing for ...
    • Papakainga te whau o te matauranga : hei ronaki wa i te ao Māori ki a puawai he oranga hou hei kitenga tangata 

      Badham, Terry Marie Christopher (2011)
      This project titled “The Garden of Knowledge” presents a holistic exploration of a sustainable contemporary Māori urban design solution. The location is the ipukarea (ancestral lands) of the hapū (sub-tribe) Ngāti Whātua ...
    • Papakāinga 2014 

      Hoskins, Raoul (2014-10-31)
      Contact Period Papakāinga Village as refuge Depression Housing Post WW2 Māori Affairs Housing Marae based Māori Affairs Housing Current Māori Housing Patterns… Whare Nikau – Puatahi Marae 2006 Contact Period ...
    • Paper 45 : supporting lecturers of work-integrated learning during their development of effective e-Learning strategies 

      Baglow, Lee; Solomon, Derrick; Lovegrove, Christopher (New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education, 2015-04)
      Background: This research project was designed to inform and enhance the teaching capabilities of lecturers engaged with the Certificate in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (CAME). It was anticipated that the project ...
    • Paradigm lost? : lifelong education in New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s 

      Benseman, John (2005)
      The concept of lifelong learning is very prominent in many New Zealand educational policies and writings at present. Although the concept can be traced back to many early educational writers, it first emerged as a tour de ...
    • Paradigm re-gained? the re-emergence of lifelong learning in New Zealand in the late 1990s 

      Benseman, John (2005)
      As argued in a previous article (ref. to be included), lifelong education disappeared off the mainstream educational agenda in most Western countries, including New Zealand, for most of the 1980s and early 1990s - “the ...
    • The Paradoxes of Leading Community Engagement 

      Malcolm, Margy-Jean (Conservation Inc Conference, 2013)
      We bring to community conservation a wonderful, essential passion for 'what' we want to achieve. This presentation invites us to pause and consider 'how' we lead in this space of community-based engagement around ...
    • Parametric Models of Coastal Settlements' Growth 

      Dove, K.; Popov, Nikolay (International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA ), 2013)
      Parametric design has been widely used by architects. However within landscape architecture and urban design its use has been very limited (Steino, 2012). This paper reports on initial findings of on-going research that ...
    • Paraneoplastic syndromes (PNSs) 

      Penchev, Boris; Chaushev, B. (2014-08-15)
       What are PNSs?  History & statistics  Pathogenesis  Classification  PNS patterns  Clinical approach to PNSs  Conclusion
    • The Parka Wrap: Retrofitting insulation onto the existing walls of occupied homes 

      Davies, Jon (2021)
      RESEARCH QUESTION Are there safer, more effective ways of improving wall thermal performance while limiting occupant disruption? RESEARCH AIM Design new retrofit methodology where insulation is overlaid on an existing ...
    • Parlour of the muses 

      McKenna, Kiri (2015)
      Architecture is inherently collaborative, however the most pervasive image of a great architect is that of an isolated genius. This image is gendered and contradicts the normal practice of collaboration in design. In the ...
    • pARTicipate : encouraging greater community participation in the arts and crafts 

      Barr, Sarah (2017)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can the design of studio facilities for local and visiting artists enhance community application of, and engagement with, the fine arts and crafts? ABSTRACT: Participation in the arts and crafts ...
    • The Participation of Women Employed in Traditionally Male Dominated Occupations including Plumbing: 1975 – 2013 

      Cruickshank, Garry (Unitec ePress, 2015-02)
      Author Garry Cruickshank investigates the gender gap in New Zealand’s plumbing profession. Having established that the proportion of female plumbers is almost unchanged since 1975, Cruickshank compares this information ...