• Associative design methodology : performative design for a modern work-teach-learn Unitec 

      Lukaszewicz, Henry John Witold (2017)
      This research project focuses on displaying the advantages of using the computer as a design tool through the redesign and reuse of a series of five joined buildings, Unitec’s existing buildings 111-115. This divided ...
    • Miniature Fictions 

      Rennie, Julian (Loughborough University (Leicestershire, UK), 2014-02)
      Scale design models continue to be made by many professional architects and architectural students. With the miniaturization of digital cameras it is now possible to place the camera inside such a model and take digital ...
    • Surface reality: geometry, craft and shape of the invisible world 

      McPherson, Peter (2014)
      This research project investigates how the computer and Computer Aided Design software has influenced architecture in the past twenty years; from the influence the digital has had on design thinking to the production of ...

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