• Evolution of complex symbiotic relationships in a morphologically derived family of lichen-forming fungi 

      Divakar, P. K.; Crespo, A.; Wedin, M.; Leavitt, S. D.; Hawksworth, D. L.; Myllys, L.; McCune, B.; Randlane, T.; Bjerke, J. W.; Ohmura, Y.; Schmitt, I.; Boluda, C. G.; Alors, D.; Roca-Valiente, B.; Del-Prado, R.; Ruibal, C.; Buaruang, K.; Núñez-Zapata, J.; Amo de Paz, G.; Rico, V. J.; Molina, M. C.; Elix, J.A.; Esslinger, T. L.; Tronstad, I. K. K.; Lindgren, H.; Ertz, D.; Gueidan, C.; Saag, L.; Mark, K.; Singh, K.; Dal Grande, F.; Parnmen, S.; Beck, A.; Benatti, M. N.; Blanchon, Dan; Candan, M.; Clerc, P.; Goward, T.; Grube, M.; Hodkinson, B. P.; Hur, J. S.; Kantvilas, G.; Kirika, P.M.; Lendemer, J.; Mattsson, J. E.; Messuti, M. I.; Miadlikowska, J.; Nelsen, M.; Ohlson, J. I.; Pérez-Ortega, S.; Saag, A.; Sipman, H. J. M.; Sohrabi, M.; Thell, A.; Thor, G.; Truong, C.; Yahr, R.; Upreti, D. K.; Cubas, P.; Lumbsch, H. T. (New Phytologist Trust, 2015-06)
      We studied the evolutionary history of the Parmeliaceae (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota), one of the largest families of lichen-forming fungi with complex and variable morphologies, also including several lichenicolous ...
    • Using citizen science to bridge taxonomic discovery with education and outreach 

      von Konrat, M.J.; Campbell, T.; Carter, B.; Greif, M.; Bryson, M.; Larraín, J.; Trouille, L.; Cohen, S.; Gaus, E.; Qazi, A.; Ribbens, E.; Livschultz, T.; Suwa, T.; Peterson, T.; Rodriguez, Y.; Caitlyn, V.; Yang, C.; Aburahmen, S.; Carstensen, B.; de Lange, Peter; Delavoi, C.; Strauss, K.; Drag, J.; Aguera, B.; Snyder, C.; Martinec, J.; Smith, A. (Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of the Botanical Society of America, 2018)
      PREMISE OF THE STUDY: Biological collections are uniquely poised to inform the stewardship of life on Earth in a time of cataclysmic biodiversity loss. Efforts to fully leverage collections are impeded by a lack of trained ...

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