Recent Submissions

  • The Piki Toi 

    Woodruffe, Paul (AP2 Open Access Journals, 2020)
    Piki Toi is a project that seeks to create artist/poet role models and heroes from within a marginalised community who have experienced homelessness and incarceration, who can go on to inspire others to acknowledge their ...
  • Collaborative housing as a response to the housing crisis in Auckland 

    Trapani, Paola (Unitec ePress, 2018-07-25)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: If housing is a PSS [Product/Service System] in transition to which the paradigm of the functional economy can be applied, how do we redefine the role of designers who want to work in this field? According ...
  • New spaces and boundaries within the village Poutasi Village, Upolu, Samoa : the Fatu Feuʻu Art Centre. 

    Fuluifaga, Aanoalii (Otago Polytechnic (Te Kura Matakini ki Otago), 2012-11)
    Discusses the development of an Art Centre with Artist Fatu Feuʻu at the newly built Fatu Feuʻu Art Centre Centre (FFAC), constructed as part of the Poutasi rebuild following the 2009 tsunami disaster.
  • Mapping Place. 

    Woodruffe, Paul (Loughborough University (Leicestershire, UK), 2014-02)
    The use of a site-based drawing methodology as a tool to map place was undertaken in the belief that it is possible to think of maps not as representations of an established reality but as a tool to produce new realities, ...
  • Culture in Motion : A mobile, inflatable auditorium brings arts programming to a tsunami-devastated region of Japan 

    Tan, Leon (Forecast Public Art, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, 2014-08-20)
    On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake, one of the most powerful in recorded history, hit Japan, and was followed by a devastating tsunami. The catastrophe claimed more than 18,000 lives and left vast swathes of the ...
  • Miniature Fictions 

    Rennie, Julian (Loughborough University (Leicestershire, UK), 2014-02)
    Scale design models continue to be made by many professional architects and architectural students. With the miniaturization of digital cameras it is now possible to place the camera inside such a model and take digital ...
  • Opacity and Transparency in Historical Representations 

    Mitrovic, Branko (Wesleyan University, 2014-05)
    In his latest book Frank Ankersmit develops a comprehensive philosophical perspective on the problem of the truth and reference of historical representations. The approach and the wider perspective of the book largely ...
  • Article published on the Culberb Project: Baetsch. 

    Woodruffe, Paul; Klasz, Walter; Kotradyova, Veronika (International Sculpture Center, 2013-03)
    Another of CULBURB's projects, this one in the Viennese suburb of Ottakring, involved building a small hut and commu­nity space from locally collected materials. Led by New Zealand artist Paul Woodruffe, Austrian architect ...
  • Visuality after Gombrich : the innocence of the eye and modern research in the philosophy and psychology of perception 

    Mitrovic, Branko (Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte, 2013)
    For the past fifty years few books on art history have exercised an influence comparable to that of Ernst Gombrich’s Art and Illusion. Published in 1960, the book came to be regarded as the pivotal art historical articulation ...
  • Romantic worldview as a narcissistic construct 

    Mitrovic, Branko (Journal of Art Historiography, 2013-12)
    It is fair to say that it is impossible to conceive of Romanticism in independence of the thesis of that membership of a collective determines individual's reasoning capacities. Nevertheless, the definition of the Romantic ...
  • “Bad Form”: Contemporary Cinema’s Turn to the Perverse 

    Wilson, Scott; Joyce, Hester (2009)
    The form of Western mainstream film is the crux of its ideological effi-ciency: by using established formal techniques, films ensure audiences understand that aesthetic decisions support and clarify the narrative to ensure ...
  • Silent Witness: Rachel Whiteread’s Nameless Library 

    Carley, Rachel (2010)
    Silent Witness examines the British sculptor Rachel Whiteread’s Nameless Library, (1996-2000), a holocaust memorial in Judenplatz Square, Vienna. For her project, the sculptor designed an inverted library in concrete, the ...
  • The solar familiar : fact and fiction in photography and visual anthropology 

    Williams, Marcus; Jowsey, Susan (Common Ground Publishing, 2007)
    ‘Solar Familiar’ takes the form of a ‘documentary’ project, which investigates the psychological, and physical difficulties of a family displaced from Earth who find themselves inhabitants in the unfamiliar; a family on ...
  • Constructing worlds F4: An artist collective considered 

    Jowsey, Susan (Common Ground Publishing, 2011)
    This paper investigates an artist collective that is comprised of a nuclear family, the parents and their two children. The key theme revolves around implications of power relations within this collective construct. The ...
  • Varieties of Us: a case study in boundary and landscape in Aotearoa/New Zealand 

    Woodruffe, Paul; Henderson, Ian (Intellect Ltd, 2011-03-01)
    On Auckland‟s North Shore a narrow strip of cliff-top land overlooking the Hauraki Gulf includes a memorial park, historic WW2 defensive artefacts, Maori fortifications and a section of the New Zealand Walkway, and is edged ...

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