• The impact of stress during restructuring in a tertiary institution 

      Singh, Jai; Du Plessis, Andries; Oldfield, James D. (2010)
      This paper reports on stress during restructuring in a tertiary institution in New Zealand. Although a certain amount of stress can enhance a person’s performance, too much stress can have a reverse impact on a person’s ...
    • Shades of Grey 2.0: Educational Gaming for Ethics 

      Oldfield, James; McKnight, Carol; Stewart, James; Goundar, Nadesa; Slessor, Andrew (2014-12)
      The Shades of Grey education game is a team-based game that students play in a class lecturers to easily add gaming elements to their lessons. Shades of Grey is used as a mechanism to encourage the student discussion and ...
    • Shades of Grey: Playing games in the classroom to enhance student learning 

      Oldfield, James D.; Slessor, Andrew (University of Queensland, 2010-01-01)
      Although the use of games in education is not new, the recent enhancements to game functionality through technology advancements have led to opportunities for significant changes to teaching and learning delivery methods ...

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