• The quantification of migrant labour from the Pacific : gender and the F....g Plaza 

      Wang, Dr Jenny; Hooper, Keith; Prescott, James; Goundar, Nadesa (2019-07)
      Prescott and Hooper (2009) drew attention in their paper to the change for Pasifika workers having to adapt from a “commons” driven society to an “anti-commons” society. They showed how migrants coming from a task orientated ...
    • Shades of Grey 2.0: Educational Gaming for Ethics 

      Oldfield, James; McKnight, Carol; Stewart, James; Goundar, Nadesa; Slessor, Andrew (2014-12)
      The Shades of Grey education game is a team-based game that students play in a class lecturers to easily add gaming elements to their lessons. Shades of Grey is used as a mechanism to encourage the student discussion and ...

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