• Is emergence sufficient to explain the origins of Double Entry? 

      Wang, Dr Jenny; Zhao, L.; Hooper, Keith (2017-09)
      Emergence vs origins Pacioli disclaimed originality Secrecy Emergence The Arab case for inventing double entry The Indian case for inventing double entry The Chinese case for inventing double entry Daoism - Yin and ...
    • Profit sharing in the Big 8 firms: Accommodating the rainmakers 

      Beechey, John; Baskerville-Morley, Rachel (2003-12)
      Further to a consideration of existing research on income allocation processes in CA partnerships, this report answers the questions: how was income allocated in the Big 8 and their predecessor firms in New Zealand, and ...
    • The quantification of migrant labour from the Pacific : gender and the F....g Plaza 

      Wang, Dr Jenny; Hooper, Keith; Prescott, James; Goundar, Nadesa (2019-07)
      Prescott and Hooper (2009) drew attention in their paper to the change for Pasifika workers having to adapt from a “commons” driven society to an “anti-commons” society. They showed how migrants coming from a task orientated ...

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