• Cloud-based Video Monitoring Framework: An Approach based on Software-Defined Networking for Addressing Scalability Problems 

      Sandar, Nay Myo; Chaisiri, Sivadon; Yongchareon, Sira; Liesaputra, Veronica (Cham Springer International Publishing, 2014-10-12)
      Abstract. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and Internet protocol (IP) cameras have been applied to a surveillance or monitoring system, from which users can remotely monitor video streams. The system has been employed for ...
    • A process mining technique using pattern recognition 

      Liesaputra, Veronica; Yongchareon, Dr. Sira; Chaisiri, Sivadon (Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE), 2015-06)
      Several works have proposed process mining techniques to discover process models from event logs. With the existing works, mined models can be built based on analyzing the relationship between any two events seen in event ...
    • A Workflow Execution Platform for Collaborative Artifact-Centric Business Processes 

      Ngamakeur, Kan; Liu, Chengfei; Chaisiri, Sivadon; Yu, Jian; Yongchareon, Sira (Springer Verlag, 2014)
      To execute an artifact-centric process model, current workflow execution approaches require it to be converted to some existing executable language (e.g., BPEL) in order to run on a workflow system. We argue that the ...

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