• Ecosensitive stormwater system design for sub-division 

      Fernando, Achela; Iszard, Mark; Islam, Nazrul (New Zealand Water and Wastes Association, 2007)
      Stormwater management is a contentious aspect of development in the 21st century. Although hydrological neutrality before and after a development is sought, it is acknowledged that any alterations to land form result in a ...
    • Educating with certainty for future career uncertainty? 

      Monteiro, Sylila; Sharma, Rashika (Asia Pacific Association for International Education, 2010-04-01)
      Proficiency in generic skills becomes an imperative and sustainable approach in education today, to ensure future career certainty. The impact of technological change dictates that the future will belong to the knowledge ...
    • Education for sustainability in technological vocational education 

      Panko, Mary; Sharma, Rashika (2014-11)
      Building capabilities for the technological world of tomorrow is the primary aim of vocational education. That includes developing the skills and technical knowledge to problem-solve unseen needs by being able to design ...
    • The effect of the raingauge distribution on stormwater models 

      Cooper, M.R.; Fernando, Achela (The Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand Inc. and the International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 2009-07)
      It is well known that the accurate representation of spatial variation of rainfall within a catchment is important in achieving reliable outcomes from stormwater models. Various guidelines recommend different densities of ...
    • The effect of vapour-control membrane technology on indoor air quality in buildings 

      Berry, Terri-Ann; Chiswell, Jordan H.D. (International Proceedings of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, 2015-11)
      The impact of the inclusion of a vapour check membrane in timber buildings on indoor air quality, measured as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), was determined by Photo Ionization Detection. Two identical buildings were ...
    • Effective facility management and operations via a BIM-based integrated information system 

      Parsanezhad, Pouriya; Dimyadi, Johannes (CIB Working Commission W070 Facilities Management in collaboration with W111 Usability and W118 Clients and Users, 2013)
      Purpose: Background: Considerable financial losses could occur as the result of insufficient interoperability issues among information systems. In order to minimize losses, Building Information Management (BIM) tools ...
    • Effects of seasonal growth rings on the microwave measurement of wood 

      Holmes, Wayne; Bogosanovic, Mirjana; Emms, G.W.; Mukhopadhyay, S.C. (International Conference on Sensing Technology, 2014-09)
      In order to determine more accurate indicators of wood structure obtained by microwave sensing and improve our understanding of plane wave propagation through this complex material, we have undertaken a permittivity survey ...
    • The efficient house innovation : healthful, efficient and sustainable housing for northern and southern climates 

      Gillies, T.; Poulin, B. (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2015-12-22)
      This paper tracks the Efficient House Innovation (EHI) from 2000 to 2015. The main idea of ‘Dynamic Air’ behind EHI is associated with John Timusk (1987) who recognised existing housing solutions were not sufficiently ...
    • Elasto-plastic behaviour of a rigid timber shear wall with slip-friction connectors 

      Loo, Wei; Quenneville, P.; Chouw, N. (New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE), 2014-03)
      The use of rigid engineered timber panels, such as cross-laminated-timber, in construction is increasing around the world, particularly in Europe and Australasia. Typically the panels rely on nailed or screwed steel plates ...
    • An elastoplastic solution for earthquake resistant rigid timber shear walls 

      Loo, Wei; Quenneville, P.; Chouw, N. (2014-09)
      In terms of seismic performance, timber structures have been observed to perform well, in spite of timber being an inherently non-ductile material. This is due mainly to the ductility of the steel-to-timber connections, ...
    • Emotional intelligence and the value management facilitator 

      Thurnell, Derek (Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 2004-09)
      The importance of the facilitator in the Value Management (VM) process has not been accorded sufficient emphasis in the literature to date, particularly in the construction management field. This paper aims to develop a ...
    • Energy systems analysis including hydrogen 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2017-11-10)
      UniSyD – Multi-regional energy economic model UniSyD Sample Results UniTrac - Multiple owner vehicle systems analysis UniTrac Sample Results Future interest
    • Evaluating the impact of different PV control strategies on distribution network operation 

      Mishra, A.; Farzinfar, M.; Bahadornejad, Momen; Nair, N.K.C. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014-09)
      For managing carbon emission, micro-generation with different capabilities are being actively explored for grid integration. Such small scale generation connected to low and medium voltage conventional network that are not ...
    • An evidence-based predictive tool for motivating engagement, completion, and success in freshmen engineering students 

      Fernando, Achela; Mellalieu, Peter (Australasian Association for Engineering Education, 2011-12)
      In general, teachers deploy several methods to encourage their students to engage early with their learning during their course of study. These methods include: presentation of previous years’ pass/fail rates; feedback ...
    • ExCo Member Update: New Zealand 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2020-02)
      Recent in-country developments / Update on policy National Energy strategy Government policy incentives Other news (market/commercial) IEA Hydrogen Task – NZ Engagement FCV Infrastructure
    • Exploring alternative methodologies in innovative performance yacht design 

      Shaw, Rob (Society Of Naval Architects And Marine Engineers (SNAME), 2015-09)
      Increasingly the dominance of engineering process in yacht design development imposes limitations on the possibilities and scope for creative design. Designers are also limited to some extent by tradition — following what ...
    • Exploring changes in Nitrate contamination in the coastal and Hautere zone Aquifer Wellington New Zealand 

      Wanigasekera, Deepthi Jayatha Dias-; De Costa, Gregory; Worden, John; Wanigasekera, Beatrice Dias- (International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), 2013)
      Fifteen years of groundwater quality monitoring in the Kapiti Coast by the local authority in Wellington, New Zealand, has identified an area of elevated nitrate concentrations in the Te Horo area, with some monitoring ...
    • Exploring efficiency improvements in a transitional hull form 

      Shaw, Rob (2017-09)
      This work looks at the potential to improve the efficiency of a powered monohull operating in the transitional speed zone between displacement and planing. It looks at the potential to make significant efficiency ...
    • Factors associated with the recovery of housing prices in Hong Kong 

      Ge, X .J.; Poon, K. M.; Boon, John (Pacific Rim Real Estate Society, 2006-01-01)
      In the period 1999 – 2004 housing prices in Hong Kong sunk to a low point in mid 2003 and then rose again. This paper investigates which factors are associated with those price movements. The paper starts by reviewing ...
    • The Factory and the Chicken House: Construction Experiments in 1950s Auckland 

      Francis, Kerry (2011)
      A posthumous 1992 curriculum vitae for the Architect and Engineer, Richard Hobin records that during the period 1951-1953 he designed and built eight houses and seven factories in the New Zealand city of Auckland. Hobin’s ...