• Checklist of the New Zealand flora : seed plants 

      Schönberger, I.; Wilton, A.D.; Boardman, K.F.; Breitwieser, I.; de Lange, Peter; de Pauw, B.; Ford, K.A.; Gibb, E.S.; Glenny, D.S; Korver, M.A.; Novis, P.M.; Prebble, J.M.; Redmond, D.M.; Smissen, R.D.; Tawiri, K. (Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd. II. Allan Herbarium, 2019)
      INTRODUCTION: The scientific names of plants “provide a means of reference to facilitate communication about those organisms” (Turland 2013). Established over 300 years ago, the process of naming plants is today governed ...

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