• Population connectivity and traces of mitochondrial introgression in New Zealand black-billed gulls (Larus bulleri) 

      Mischler, C.; Veale, Andrew; van Stijn, T.; Brauning, R.; McEwan, J. C.; Maloney, R.; Robertson, B.C. (MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute), 2018-11-08)
      Black-billed gulls (Larus bulleri) are endemic to New Zealand and are suspected to be undergoing substantial population declines. They primarily breed on open gravel beds in braided rivers of the South Island—a habitat ...
    • Stress-induced immunomodulation in low and high reactive sheep 

      Sutherland, M.; Dowling, S.; Shaw, R.; Hickey, J.; Fraser, Diane; Cameron, C.; Sutherland, I. (MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute), 2019-03-20)
      SIMPLE SUMMARY: Proper functioning of the immune system is fundamental to maintain animal health; however, several factors can modulate an animal’s immune system, including stress. Farm animals can experience multiple ...

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