• DNA barcoding a relict avifauna: an important tool for systematics and conservation management 

      Tizard, J.; Patel, S.; Waugh, John; Tavares, E.; Bergmann, T.; Gill, B.; Norman, J.; Christidis, L.; Scofield, P.; Haddrath, O.; Baker, A.; Lambert, D.; Millar, C. D. (BMC (Biomedical Centre), part of Springer Nature, 2019-02-11)
      BACKGROUND: DNA barcoding utilises a standardised region of the cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) gene to identify specimens to the species level. It has proven to be an effective tool for identification of avian samples. The ...
    • The endemic that never was — resolving the status of Coprosma solandri (Rubiaceae) 

      de Lange, Peter; Large, Mark; Shepherd, L.D.; Rolfe, J.R.; Gardner, R.O. (Singapore Botanic Gardens, 2019-09-27)
      Coprosma solandri, an enigmatic species known only from the type collection, was described in 1897 by New Zealand botanist Thomas Kirk, based on material included in a duplicate set of Banks & Solander specimens, sent at ...
    • Styloid crystals in the genus Libertia (Iridaceae) 

      Blanchon, Dan; Braggins, J.E. (2009)
      Styloid crystals are reported in the leaves of the New Zealand species Libertia cranwelliae, L. edgariae, L. grandiflora, L. ixioides, L. micrantha, L. mooreae, L. peregrinans, the Australian species L. paniculata and L. ...

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