• The earliest collection of an elusive alien? Evidence of early introduction of Chenopodium ficifolium (Chenopodiaceae) in New Zealand 

      Mosyakin, S.L.; de Lange, Peter (M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2020-04-29)
      Historical records and the current status of Chenopodium ficifolium (Chenopodiaceae) in New Zealand are considered. This species of Eurasian origin was and still is occasionally reported in New Zealand as a casual alien ...
    • New chorological data for the Italian vascular flora 

      Rosati, L.; Fascetti, S.; Romano, V.A.; Potenza, G.; Lapenna, M.R.; Capano, A.; Nicoletti, P.; Farris, E.; de Lange, Peter; Del Vico, E.; Facioni, L.; Fanfarillo, E.; Lattanzi, E.; Cano-Ortiz, A.; Marignani, M.; Fogu, M.C.; Bazzato, E.; Lallai, E.; Laface, V.L.A.; Musarella, C.M.; Spampinato, G.; Mei, G.; Misano, G.; Salerno, G.; Esposito, A.; Stinca, A. (MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute), 2020-01-05)
      Despite the importance for scientific and conservation purposes, the knowledge of the Italian territory is far from exhaustive. New chorological data for 87 vascular taxa regarding the central-southern part of Italy and ...

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