• The comparative welfare status of owned, managed stray and unmanaged strays cats 

      Dale, Arnja; Salinsky, Jodi; Ladyman, Rebecca; Harvey, Laura; Jolly, S.; Leong, J.; Farrow, A.; Trippett, V.; Murphy, D.; Walker, Jessica (2015-09)
      Stray cats are an extremely polarising issue in New Zealand drawing regular media attention often with reports of reduced welfare. With the aim of collecting empirical data to investigate this, we developed and validated ...
    • The effectiveness of a commercially available bird repellent on house sparrows (Passer domesticus) 

      Cameron, Kristie; Adams, N.J.; Wassenaar, R.J.; Bistricer, A.; Brown, K.J.; Halliday, A.D.; Lodge-Osborn, K.R.; Robson, E.A.; Jones, Graham; Salinsky, Jodi; Fraser, Diane (2016-07)
      Aim: Identify a robust method for assessing the efficacy of an odour repellent to the sparrow in aviary studies Use this method in field studies to isolate the effects of the repellent on sparrow behaviour

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