• Tākapu (Australasian gannets) in the Hauraki Gulf 

      Adams, Nigel; Lefort, Marie-Caroline; Gaskin, C.; Boyer, Stephane; Landers, T.; Ismar. S. (2019-11-30)
      Objectives • i) to describe diet of gannets and underpinning trophic interactions upon which gannets depend • Inner Huaraki Gulf • Outer Huaraki Gulf • ii) to test if and how the gannet in the Gulf might partition ...
    • Veterinary nursing students help out in Tonga 

      Ladyman, Rebecca; Harvey, Laura; Gussey, Angela (New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association, 2014-04)
      For one week during December last year, a team from Unitec's Diploma in Veterinary Nursing Programme participated in a veterinary clinic as part of the volunteer programme run by South Pacific Animal Welfare (SPAW) on the ...
    • What can facial behaviour reveal about animal welfare? 

      Descovich, Kris; Wathan, J.; Leach, M.C.; Buchanan-Smith, H. M.; Flecknell, P.; Farningham, D.; Vick, S. J. (2016-08)
    • What we do, what we should do, and what we want to do : veterinary nurses in New Zealand 

      Harvey, Laura; Ladyman, Rebecca; Dale, Arnja (2015-10)
      Unregulated profession No protection of title Three qualifications Certificate (1 year of study) Diploma (2 years of study) Bachelor (3 years of study) Lack of a guaranteed and standardised skill-based learning, ...
    • Zoological Society of Auckland seminal series : Veterinary care, Tongan style - take 2 

      Harvey, Laura; Ladyman, Rebecca (2015-08)
      Who are we? Unitec Institute of Technology Department of Natural Sciences Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (DVN) Two year course >100 students The Idea: To immerse a group of first and second year DVN students in unique ...

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