• A comprehensive review of deep learning algorithms 

      Varastehpour, Soheil; Sharifzadeh, Hamid; Ardekani, Iman (Unitec ePress, 2021-11-26)
      Deep learning algorithms are a subset of machine learning algorithms that aim to explore several levels of the distributed representations from the input data. Recently, many deep learning algorithms have been proposed to ...
    • Human biometric traits : a systematic review focusing on vascular patterns 

      Varastehpour, Soheil; Sharifzadeh, Hamid; Ardekani, Iman; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein (Unitec ePress, 2020-12-10)
      Authentication methods based on human traits, including fingerprint, face, iris, and palm print, have developed significantly, and currently they are mature enough to be reliably considered for human identification purposes. ...

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