• Dynamic class imbalance learning for incremental LPSVM 

      Pang, Shaoning; Zhu, Lei; Chen, Gang; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein; Ban, Tao; Inoue, Daisuke (Neural Networks, 2013-02)
      Linear Proximal Support Vector Machines (LPSVMs), like decision trees, classic SVM, etc. are originally not equipped to handle drifting data streams that exhibit high and varying degrees of class imbalance. For online ...
    • A Self-Organization Mechanism Based on Cross-Entropy Method for P2P-Like Applications 

      Sarrafzadeh, Hossein; Chen, Gang (2010)
      P2P-like applications are quickly gaining popularity in the Internet. Such applications are commonly modeled as graphs with nodes and edges. Usually nodes represent running processes that exchange information with each ...
    • Service provision control in federated service providing systems 

      Chen, Gang; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein; Pang, Shaoning (2013-03)
      Different from traditional P2P systems, individuals nodes of a Federated Service Providing (FSP) system play a more active role by offering a variety of domain-specific services. The service provision control (SPC) problem ...

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