• Can Vivaldi help in IP geolocation? 

      Komosny, Dan; Simek, Milan; Kathiravelu, Ganeshan (Przegl ˛ad Elektrotechniczny, 2013)
      The paper deals with IP geolocation based on communication latency measurement. The aim of IP geolocation is to estimate the geographical location of an IP-enabled node. Latency-based IP geolocation methods measure latency ...
    • Estimation of internet node location by latency measurements : the underestimation problem 

      Komosny, Dan; Voznak, Miroslav; Ganeshan, Kathiravelu; Sathu, Hira (Kaunas University of Technology (Kaunas, Lithuania), 2015)
      In this paper we deal with discovering a geographic location of a node in the Internet. Knowledge of location if fundamental element for many location based applications and web services. We focus on location finding without ...

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