• M[ ]VE : body tactics : a vertical studio project in the architecture programme 

      Francis, Kerry (2020-10-09)
      Architectural space is designed and built for occupation by the body: the individual body, the collective body, the bodies of all species... as becoming architects we must develop an awareness and a recognition of this ...
    • Tau-utu-utu: the development of a LIVING VISION for the Unitec School of Architecture 

      Ratana, Maia; Bloomfield, Sibyl; Mataia, V.; Cocker, O.; Hoskins, Raoul; Wilson, Carin; Lelaulu, T.; Jadresin-Milic, Renata; Garbarczyk, Magdalena; Francis, Kerry (2021-12)
      Ngā Le Vai To uplift academic success for moana students - achieving equitable success for moana students by 2022 To build capability, capacity, and will for School of Architecture staff to teach cultural content To ...

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