• Finding me in the academy : a Cook Island, Samoan world view 

      Culbreath, Yvonne (2020-10-09)
      I have learnt …about me I have learnt, someone believed in me I have learnt, you bring yourself into the teaching I have learnt identity, ancestry has relevance, presence I have learnt, I walk, carry, dance with ...
    • Foraging by breeding tākapu / Australasian Gannets in Tīkapa Moana / Hauraki Gulf 

      Adams, Nigel; Gaskin, C.; Lukies, K.; Whitehead, E. (2021-12)
      RESEARCH QUESTIONS • How do tākapu partition the gulf resource? • Potentially explains different populations trends in inner vs outer gulf • Are there favoured foraging areas? • How persistent are these? • Do individual ...
    • Forecasting public housing tender price in Auckland market 

      Chen, Aurora (2021-12)
      Background Problem statement Research questions: • What are the factors affecting the accuracy of public housing’s tender price? • How much impact does each factor have on the accuracy of public housing tender ...
    • Future nursing workforce: pathways to aged care nursing? 

      Heath, Samantha; Mall, Robina; Williams, Pam; Jackson, Ruth; Johnson, Shobha; Graham, Gil (2020-12-07)
      We are all getting older New Zealand's population prediction to 2052 Registered nurses The Academy Future nursing workforce Aim and objectives Stages of the Project Results of analysis Aged care : top of mind Narrative ...
    • Gallery One : our creative research practice space 

      Ferguson, Gina (2020-12-09)
    • Gender mainstreaming in Tuvalu 

      Fihaki, Lupeti; Fihaki, E.C. (2020-10-09)
      What is gender? Gender mainstreaming since 1990’s Gender mainstreaming in Tuvalu Gender mainstreaming processes Key constraints to gender mainstreaming in the Pacific Strengths of a Tuvalu girl/woman Proposing a ...
    • The health-related properties and potential applications of yacon concentrate NZFOS+ 

      Yan, Mary (2021-12)
      Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), a sustainable foodstuff, is perceived as a functional food because it contains biologically active components e.g. fructooligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, and phenolic compounds that may ...
    • The highs and lows of developing a transdisciplinary Research Centre and the importance of applied research 

      Berry, Terri-Ann; Steinhorn, Gregor; Massey, Brenda; Hernandez, G.; Low, Joanne; Wallis, Shannon (2021-12)
      Unitec’s strengths lie in its applied and practical focus and its strong relationships with community and industry. In 2011 Unitec developed a procedure for establishing research centres; formally-constituted groupings of ...
    • History of Pacific at Unitec Project : 1993-2020 

      Bentley-Gray, Daisy; Saleem, Sana (2020-10-09)
      Project Team: Dr Falaniko Tominiko, Venusi Taumoepeau, Ioane Aleke-Faavae, Sana Saleem & Daisy Bentley-Gray Overview: The ‘History of Pacific at Unitec’ project aims to identify and discuss the development of Pacific ...
    • How to make graduate attributes attractive to students? 

      Bahadornejad, Momen; Bogosanovic, Mirjana; Sidhu, Deepinder; Kar, Amruta (2020-12-07)
      What are graduate attributes? Engineering programmes offered by Unitec Graduate attributes of the Engineering Programmes An assessment method of graduate attributes Students engagement with the graduate attributes A ...
    • Hyperspectral NIR imaging of plant material 

      Holmes, Wayne; Look, Morgan; Lai, Anthony; Sidhu, Deepinder (2020-12-07)
      This study looks at the classification of plant species and components using Hyperspectral cameras in the Near Infrared region of the spectrum as part of a move towards precision agriculture. The NIR region of the ...
    • I create, therefore I am 

      Matelau, Tui (2020-10-09)
      • Participants: 6 female artists of Māori and/or Pacific descent • Video ethnography: Audio-visual technology used to record participants engaging in their creative practice • Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis (MIA): ...
    • Identifying critical leadership soft skills for career success : a content analysis of project management job advertisements in New Zealand 

      Musika, Fred Angels; Kumar, Sanjeev (2020-12-07)
      Overview Introduction & rationale Literature review Methodology Analysis & results Discussion & implications Limitations Conclusions Areas for further research
    • The impact of Covid-19 on the lifestyle of tertiary students 

      Yan, Mary; Deo, Arun; Rush, E.; Ricacho, N.; Shaikh, Shamim (2021-12)
      The Covid-19 pandemic altered people’s life dramatically worldwide with major concerns of economic, political, scientific, and public health. The impact on the lifestyle behavior of the young generation was larger than ...
    • Impact of Covid-19 on the NZ electricity sector 

      Nicholson, Glenn; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-12-07)
      • What was the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on electricity demand? • What effect did this have on the electricity system? • How did the electricity sector respond? • How did the NZ impact and response compare to other ...
    • Improving charcoal manufacture from coconuts in Samoa: an exemplary project-based learning adventure 

      Mellalieu, Peter (2014)
      Improving charcoal manufacture from coconuts in Samoa: an exemplary project-based learning adventure. Coconuts abound in the beautiful Pacific country of Samoa. Charcoal, manufactured from coconut shells, is a biofuel ...
    • Innovation Funding in New Zealand 

      Kearns, Nick (2014)
      Based on Sept 2014 draft paper now with Unitec epress for review. Discussions with Callaghan Innovation since July 2014 releasing report. More feedback from RFO, HVMS. Recent changes (August 2014) in funding scene.
    • Innovation through assessment: Students connecting to the early childhood curriculum Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) 

      Turton, Lee-Anne (2020-10-09)
      Arts-based conversation: An enquiry into early childhood visual arts pedagogy (Turton, 2015). Self-efficacy and domain knowledge Teacher education and pedagogical development Responsibilities of kaiako EDUC 6924 ...
    • Inquiring cultural components in early childhood education 

      Afrin, Tahera (2021-12)
      Original study - research objectives To know about the cultural components incorporated in an early childhood teacher education classroom; To reflect on how these components impact the learning of students (student-tea ...
    • Intrapreneurship in the time of Covid 

      Cherrington, M.; Airehrour, David; Cameron-Brown, D.; Lu, J.; Xu, Q.; Stokes, A. (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-03)
      For individuals and firms, traditional sources of competitive advantage are being eroded. Competitive advantage today is not built upon product markets, but in upstream markets of expertise, with control of key intangible ...

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