• History of Pacific at Unitec Project : 1993-2020 

      Bentley-Gray, Daisy; Saleem, Sana (2020-10-09)
      Project Team: Dr Falaniko Tominiko, Venusi Taumoepeau, Ioane Aleke-Faavae, Sana Saleem & Daisy Bentley-Gray Overview: The ‘History of Pacific at Unitec’ project aims to identify and discuss the development of Pacific ...
    • How to make graduate attributes attractive to students? 

      Bahadornejad, Momen; Bogosanovic, Mirjana; Sidhu, Deepinder; Kar, Amruta (2020-12-07)
      What are graduate attributes? Engineering programmes offered by Unitec Graduate attributes of the Engineering Programmes An assessment method of graduate attributes Students engagement with the graduate attributes A ...
    • Hyperspectral NIR imaging of plant material 

      Holmes, Wayne; Look, Morgan; Lai, Anthony; Sidhu, Deepinder (2020-12-07)
      This study looks at the classification of plant species and components using Hyperspectral cameras in the Near Infrared region of the spectrum as part of a move towards precision agriculture. The NIR region of the ...
    • I create, therefore I am 

      Matelau, Tui (2020-10-09)
      • Participants: 6 female artists of Māori and/or Pacific descent • Video ethnography: Audio-visual technology used to record participants engaging in their creative practice • Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis (MIA): ...
    • Identifying critical leadership soft skills for career success : a content analysis of project management job advertisements in New Zealand 

      Musika, Fred Angels; Kumar, Sanjeev (2020-12-07)
      Overview Introduction & rationale Literature review Methodology Analysis & results Discussion & implications Limitations Conclusions Areas for further research
    • Impact of Covid-19 on the NZ electricity sector 

      Nicholson, Glenn; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-12-07)
      • What was the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on electricity demand? • What effect did this have on the electricity system? • How did the electricity sector respond? • How did the NZ impact and response compare to other ...
    • Improving charcoal manufacture from coconuts in Samoa: an exemplary project-based learning adventure 

      Mellalieu, Peter (2014)
      Improving charcoal manufacture from coconuts in Samoa: an exemplary project-based learning adventure. Coconuts abound in the beautiful Pacific country of Samoa. Charcoal, manufactured from coconut shells, is a biofuel ...
    • Innovation Funding in New Zealand 

      Kearns, Nick (2014)
      Based on Sept 2014 draft paper now with Unitec epress for review. Discussions with Callaghan Innovation since July 2014 releasing report. More feedback from RFO, HVMS. Recent changes (August 2014) in funding scene.
    • Introducing Education for Enterprise within island and immigrant Pacific communities: Capacity building lessons from the New Zealand experience 

      Kearns, Nick; Saifoloi, Malama; Mellalieu, Peter (2014)
      How can the ‘Education for Enterprise’ (E4E) movement be adapted and focussed to raise enterprise thinking, enterprise culture, and achievement in less privileged Pacific communities? Needs & opportunities Discoveries/Lessons ...
    • Investigating compassion fatigue within conservation scientists 

      Millar, D.; Harvey, Laura; Kemp, Caralyn (2020-12-07)
      Professional Quality Of Life (ProQOL) ProQOL Scale Aims & objectives Methods Burnout scale Demographics ProQOL results Data analysis Country of residence ProQOL results Individual responses Findings Implicatio ...
    • Kakala : a cultural research framework engaging at-risk youth 

      Lino, Aulola (2020-10-09)
      Background Information My companions in research Methodology Kakala Research Framework Kakala in action How did Kakala enhance the research process? Conclusion
    • Learning through the multi-disciplinary studio 

      Wang, Xinxin; Bradbury, Matthew; Melchiors, Lucia (2020-12-07)
      PROBLEM: The environmental effects of climate change on the world's cities are becoming more and more evident Sea level rise, pluvial flooding, storm water contamination are just some of the environmental issues that will ...
    • Learning to speak nursing : using early adult literacy assessment and targeted intervention to promote student success on the Bachelor of Nursing programme 

      Heath, Samantha; Williams, Pam; Jackson, Ruth; Roux, Victor; Haines, Karen; Brand, Treena; Hikuroa, Evelyn; Roy, Dianne; Philips, Jill (2020-12-07)
      LNAAT testing Quasi-experimental design Pathways Awarua By the numbers Characteristics of the group Outcomes References and acknowledgements
    • M[ ]VE : body tactics : a vertical studio project in the architecture programme 

      Francis, Kerry (2020-10-09)
      Architectural space is designed and built for occupation by the body: the individual body, the collective body, the bodies of all species... as becoming architects we must develop an awareness and a recognition of this ...
    • Microwave moisture levelling of lucerne chaff 

      Holmes, Wayne; Look, Morgan; Sidhu, Deepinder; Lai, Anthony; Nicholson, Glenn (2020-12-07)
      This project has seen the development of a low cost method of microwave drying of lucerne chaff prior to packaging and distribution. Lucerne has long been used as a high protein food source for livestock in particular for ...
    • MLearning where the 'm' stands for messing about 

      Turton, Lee-Anne; Perkins, Maureen (2015-10)
      In our field-based Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) programme our students work alongside children who are 21st century learners, navigating fast changing environments that are increasingly shaped by digital technologies. By ...
    • Mobilising future-focused work-based learning in automotive engineering 

      Chand, Prabhat; Wales, Duncan; Bakmeedeniya, Anura (2020-12-07)
      Targeted review of the qualification New qualifications ITP Consortium Old national qualifications Holistic vs atomistic On-line portfolio type assessments Why Google Classroom Challenges Benefits Google Classroom ...
    • Multiscale wind power generation prediction 

      Palapati, Suresh; Ardekani, Iman; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-10-09)
      OBJECTIVE: • To come up with good forecast model for Wind Power Generation for hour and day ahead . • As NZ is looking at increasing the share of wind power from 5% towards 20%. • The increase towards 20% will cause ...
    • On-chip peripheral control of ultra-compact spectrometer 

      Look, Morgan; Holmes, Wayne; Sihu, D.; Lai, Anthony (2020-10-09)
      Spectrometers are found in applications where substances are classified through analysis of relative light reflection, transmission or fluorescence, commonly used in food, medicine and lighting applications. The Hamamatsu ...
    • One degree to rule them all : responding to the opportunity of Te Pukenga 

      Ayling, Diana; Hebblethwaite, Denisa; Kearns, Nick (2020-12-07)
      Productivity and performance Management capabilities A Business degree for the ITP sector Productivity in Aotearoa –New Zealand Factors contributing to low productivity People management is our weakness (2010 global ...

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