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    • Unitec Research Symposium Proceedings 2020. 9 October and 7 December, 2020. 

      Papoutsaki, Evangelia; Shannon, Marie (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-03)
      Unitec Research Symposium 2020 was held at Unitec New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, 9 October and 7 December, 2020 The papers in this publication comprise the proceedings of the Unitec Research Symposium 2020. They ...
    • Using mobile GIS to estimate the free-roaming dog population in the island of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga 

      Aguilar, Glenn (2020-10-09)
      Background TRIP 1: Planning: determine study sites Planning: population density Planning: selection of study sites Villages surveyed Urban area surveyed Main roads Walk around survey Results TRIP 2:: Kolovai ...
    • Veveteaga he moki 

      Aleke Fa'avae, Ioane (2020-10-09)
      Vagahau Niue, like many Pacific indigenous languages, have concepts that enable deep thought and meaning making. Within academic scholarship however, no written descriptions of such concepts are evident. This paper centres ...
    • What counts as knowing 

      Gandell, Robyn (2021-12)
      In educational research, and in teaching, we often privilege students’ verbalisations and written artifacts as demonstrations of their knowing. Increasingly, however, research in a variety of fields, including cognitive ...

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