• Expert consensus on the metaverse in medicine 

      Yang, D.; Zhou, J.; Chen, R C.; Song, Y.L.; Song, Z.J.; Zhang, X.J.; Wang, Q.; Zhou, C.Z.; Sun, J.Y.; Zhang, L.C.; Bai, L.; Wang, Y.H.; Wang, X.; Lu, Y.T.; Xin, H.Y.; Powell, C.A.; Thüemmler, C.; Chavannes, N.H.; Chen, W.; Wu, Lian; Bai, C.X. (Elsevier B.V. on behalf of KeAi Communications Co. Ltd, 2022)
      BACKGROUND Recently, Professor Chunxue Bai and colleagues have proposed a definition of the Metaverse in Medicine as the medical Internet of Things (MIoT) facilitated using AR and/or VR glasses. METHODS A multi-disciplinary ...

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