• Design dialogues : ambiguity of “design” within Architectural Studio 

      Pretty, Annabel; McPherson, Peter (2017)
      The ambiguous nature of the word “design” offers up a complex dialectic dialogue for the architectural studio lecturers to impart to their students. Discussing the “design”, more commonly referred to as the programme or ...
    • A layered conservation response to the layers of built history 

      Bezuidenhout, T.; McConchie, Graeme (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-21)
      RESEARCH QUESTION How can differing conservation responses and approaches maintain and enhance those layers of history within a historical building? ABSTRACT The Conservation and Heritage Research stream in Unitec’s ...
    • Re-solved: iterating design solutions by understanding failure 

      McPherson, Peter; Pretty, Annabel (Queensland University of Technology (QUT), 2017)
      Design is considered one of the most important parts of an architectural education. Much emphasis is placed upon the Design Studio within a School of Architecture, yet in the traditional tutor/student model how much ...

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