• A delicate balancing act 

      Foote, Hamish; Griffiths, Pete (Unitec Institution of Technology, 2016)
      This paper examines a bicultural approach to the development of planting strategies for landscapes and asks the question: In what ways can vegetation help to create a bicultural landscape? The case studies discussed include ...
    • Drawing as a fundamental tool for thinking in landscape architecture 

      Griffiths, Pete (2015)
      This paper considers the role of drawing and representation as a tool for capturing the more ephemeral aspects of the landscape. These aspects include ideas about change, chance and transformation. The importance of ...
    • What is bottom-up design? 

      Ting, Fiona; Griffiths, Pete (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2015)
      There is a substantial body of research that points to energy descent (1,2,3,4,5). In lieu of this, other significantly different forces could drive a number of changes to current thinking in landscape architecture. Examples ...

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