• Making transitional space in the contemporary city 

      Sharma, Janki (2017)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can traditional urban space elements be used to enhance the design of transitional space in the contemporary city? The following research is an explorative study on “Transitional spaces” as a ...
    • Re-thinking the Manikarnika Ghat 

      Ram, Ashwini (2021)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can an architectural solution enhance the human experience of mourners in the context of the commemoration of death at Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi? ABSTRACT: “Benares is older than history, ...
    • Sustainable housing : looking at social and cultural aspects of traditional Indian settlement 

      Patel, Deval (2019)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How social and cultural housing issues can be addressed through the traditional practice of Indian settlement? ABSTRACT: This research aims to strategize a comprehensive design, establishing a link ...

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