• Arch + Alps 

      Moginie, Amelia (2016)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can Architecture express a deeper understanding of the dynamic mountain environment within an alpine shelter? The aim of this research paper is to design an alpine shelter to replace an existing ...
    • Folding whare : deployable shelter for the 21st century 

      Dowie, Callum (2009)
      Deployable Shelter A hut. The simplest built shelter. From knowledge of simple shelters and the “hut” of architectural literature, a shelter is to be designed for rapid deployment in situations where existing housing has ...
    • Trails and tribulations : a journey through mountains 

      Ryley, Matthew (2020)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can architecture be used to reinterpret the backcountry hut as a contemporary response to its localised conditions and its historical and cultural significance? ABSTRACT: New Zealand’s backcountry ...

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