• Catering for individual needs in infants & toddlers 

      Moffat, T.; Laureta, B.; Rana, Lata (2014-08-23)
      * As teachers we are obliged to abide by the code of ethics and do what is right for each child and their families * This is further strengthened by the Regulations 2008 which states that the curriculum should: Respect ...
    • Culturally inclusive pedagogies 

      Rana, Lata; Culbreath, Yvonne (2018-11)
      The project focuses on the authors’ narratives of the teaching and learning experiences with students in a tertiary education setting that includes Pasifika and Indian students. Our aim is to share our experiences as ...
    • Embracing diverse voices within Early Childhood 

      Rana, Lata; Culbreath, Yvonne (2022-07)
      RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1. What philosophies and pedagogies guide teachers in their teaching in early childhood? 2. How do teachers incorporate their cultural values in their teaching? 3. How are teachers influenced by ...
    • Enacting culturally responsive pedagogies in early childhood education 

      Rana, Lata; Culbreath, Yvonne; Penn, Rose (Charles Sturt University Faculty of Arts and Education, 2020-11)
      The project focuses on teachers’ narratives of teaching and learning experiences within early childhood education setting that includes Maori, Pasifika, Pākehā, Indian and other communities in early childhood. The research ...
    • Indigenous voices : creating space in teaching and learning 

      Penn, Rose; Rana, Lata; Culbreath, Yvonne (2020-10)
      Te Noho Kotahitanga Narrative approach RabindranathTagore Indigenous voices navigating our present day borders Ko Papatuanuku ahau
    • Multifaceted constructs of pedagogies in education 

      Rana, Lata; Culbreath, Yvonne (2021-07)